Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party

For Lydia's 5th birthday I threw her a rainbow birthday party.

This cake was actually a lot easier to make than it may appear.
I made 3 cake boxes and separated the batter of each cake into two 9" rounds.
Mix a different color of food coloring into each cake round.
Layer the cakes with wax paper and stick it in the freezer for a few hours.
Layer it with icing and cover the outside with frosting and sprinkles. 

The decorations are a bit random, but everything I made Lydia was able to help me with :)

- sand art centerpieces

- skittles with rolos (The idea here is gold at the end of the rainbow...)


- Treasure Hunt
I took pictures of various things in the yard and put each picture in a number envelope.  Then I hid each envelope in order.  I gave the first envelope to the kids which led them to the next envelope and so on.  They were all pictures with no words because not all the kids could read.  The first child to the clue got to open the envelope.  The final picture led to the treasure...the goodie bags.

- pinata
You can't have a party with out a pinata!  I have always bought one from the store (which I would probably still recommend). Lydia and I had fun in the process of making this pinata out of paper mache. We blew up a balloon and mixed flour and water (and a little salt). 
Then ripped long strips of newspaper and smoothed them onto the balloon.  It took about 48 hours to completely dry.  Then we glued crate paper on it to add color!

- pin the Clouds on the rainbow
I colored a rainbow on poster board.
cut out a few clouds and glued cotton balls to them. (This is also something that Lydia enjoyed helping with).
I put velcro on the back of the clouds and on the poster board where the clouds would go.
For the game I put a blindfold on one child at a time and then gave them a cloud and they tried to get it in the right place.

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