Thursday, March 1, 2012

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

Picture frame dry erase board...I love this project! 
I have made a number of these for around my house or as a gift.
The nice thing about this project is you can put to use an old picture frame that you have around the house!

...On this frame I hot glued the leftover paper to the frame.

If you were to make this as a gift for someone, you could just personalize it with their name using scrapbook stickers or any kind of letters.

Basic materials needed:

Picture frame
Scrapbook paper (or fabric)
Dry erase pen
velcro (optional)
Ribbon (optional - to hang)
Scrapbook stickers or letters (optional)

Decorate the scrapbook paper (example: "Remember" or "I love you because..." etc.)
Frame the paper.
Put velcro on the marker and side of frame. ( is best to place the marker upside down on the side so the marker does not dry up)
Hot glue ribbon to the back of frame to hang (optional)

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